This is a teaser video for Instagram of the last shoot that I did. Stay tuned for the full video.
Take a quick look into Tokyo's underground automotive scene. In this video I visit the two most popular places in Kanto, to see street cars, drift cars, and even exotic cars with crazy amounts of horsepower. First stop is Daikoku where everyone hangs out until the cops shut it down or it just becomes dead.
Summer Matsuri is just a couple days away! I met up with my friend Kevan, who owns a wicked Jzx100 Chaser to help him swap out a clutch in preperation for our journey to Ebisu Circuit this weekend. If you are not familiar with Ebisu you will want to wait around for the next two installments of this series!
Here is a video feature I did with my buddy Yoshi and his Spec R S15 Silvia. The video was filmed in Yokosuka, Japan. Please like, subscribe, and share this video if you like it and leave your positive or negative feedbacks in the comment section!
For those that don't know, Daikoku Futo is one of the most popular places to meet in Japan. People sometimes drive hours to come here on a Friday night and they have a very good reason. Not only do imports show up but exotics and just about every subculture under motorsports and car genres come to Daikoku.
If you build cars or have any fascination with Japanese cars more than likely you have heard of UP Garage in Japan, where if you are lucky you can find any JDM part your heart desires. If you're lucky!
For this video feature I met up with John to shoot his amazing Frs kitted with TraKyoto's Rocket Bunny Version 3 kit. We took his ride through Downtown Miami and a super secret location in Coral Gables.
Hey guys I'm back with another banger. I decided to go back and mess around with some older footage of my homie admiring his static Subaru BRZ stanced out. This was the last video and photoshoot that I did before moving out of Seattle. Enjoy!
Ok so I first want to say that this video was not meant to be a masterpiece and I am experimenting in video. This is my very first attempt at video coverage of a car meet and suggestions from other videographers/photographers are welcome! The event took place at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Bradenton, FL on Janurary 17, 2017.
This is a behind the scenes look at my photoshoot with Jon (@NSXJON) and Yu's (@LV.223), Acura Nsx and Acura TLX. The video was shot in the Wynnwood District of Miami, FL. This is only my second video I've made so please STAY TUNED for more awesome videos and please follow of IG as well.

Final Bout III - Special Stage West Hosted in Canby, Oregon