God of all tuners, the Nissan Skyline, has been the forefront of our culture for many years. Those of us who can only dream of owning this beast one day certainly fantasize about what can easily be interpreted as an automotive masterpiece. Exposed on the web or in magazines, we can only hope that one day our dreams turn into reality like it did for Rothsen Valdez, owner of the R35 who blessed the cover of PASMAG's new issue. Godzilla has graced many magazine covers and pages, but have you met the "Meanest Rocket Bunny GT-R" in North America?

An exclusive view of the beastly bunny should be the convincing factor for picking up the new issue of PASMAG. At least for me it was until I opened it up and started reading. Amazed by all of the other features including Liberty Walk's own, Wataru Kato, and his Shakotan Skyline. As well as the main event, the #BLKHAMR GT-R . One feature I couldn't wait to share with the SHG fam is "The Legend Of The Mid Night Club" article. 


I can't express enough how inspring Adam Zillin's article is. Titled " The Legend Of The Mid Night Club" included in this new issue of PASMAG . Holding myself back from spoiling too much about these amazing pages, I simply encourage every tuner to purchase this magazine and read this story. As described by Adam, it took him 10 long years to bring us a major piece of this culture's history. And for that I want to Thank, Mr. Zillin. 

PASMAG isn't only a performance based car mag, it's "The Tuner's Source For Modified Car Culture." Meaning, everything that embodies the tuner culture. There's no shortage of "Trending Topics" that will keep you up to date with the latest current/future events , "Hot New Products" on the market, and even sound advice with Garry Springgay. It's now $4.99! So gather up your change and speed to your local magazine stand for PASMAG's April/May issue. You won't be disappointed. 

Thank You PASMAG and staff for printing another great issue. Like always, we encourage the SHG fam to support printed media like we do, and help our car magazines stay alive. 

Photos and words by Bryan Ramos