As I'm shuffling my eyes through the magazine shelves at my local Walmart, looking for my next car magazine to fantasize from. I couldn't help but notice "Monster Mustangs" in big bold white letters followed by two beasts sitting front and center of PASMAG's front cover. It was a challenge to look passed Ken Block's "Hoonicorn". Creeping in the background is the 2015 Mustang RTR Spec 5 Concept. I immediately picked up the magazine, paid my $4.99 plus tax, and proceeded to feed my curiosity of what lies within the new Feb/Mar 2015 issue.

Behind on what's currently trending in the modified car scene? PASMAG has no shortage of topics in their "#trending" pages of what's been hot recently. "Hot Topics" include the new Honda Civic Type-R with the single question, "will we get one"? The Rocket Bunny "Missile Rabbit NSX" makes an appearance. And for the Godzilla fans; a short read about the new 600 hp 2015 GT-R NISMO will sure catch your attention. 

"Bigger is Better" takes us through PASMAG's event coverage of the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Highlights of "the biggest event in years" include "Mustang's 50th Anniversary," "Grand Turismo Awards," and "Honda's Project Fit challenge" for SEMA. PASMAG also sheds light on the winner and runner up for "Tuner Battlegrounds | Battle For SEMA 2 : International Showdown". Anthony De Guzman representing Team Canada vs Moses Awad of Team USA. Toyota Supra vs Nissan 370Z. Find out who won when you purchase your copy of PASMAG'S new issue.

"Scion FR-S custom widebody built by Weld Techniques Factory in Japan"

"Scion FR-S custom widebody built by Weld Techniques Factory in Japan"

By now all "car heads" and "motorsports enthusiast" should be familiar with Ken Block's Gymkhana Series, as he is already on his 7th Gymkhana. Ken Block and his team built a mean '65 Mustang nicknamed the "Hoonicorn," to rip through the streets of LA. The exclusive look into the widebody, 845 hp 4WD, monster will sure leave your jaw on the floor. From engine mods down to wheel specs, PASMAG has all the info you need to know about the star of this month's cover. Sharing the cover, and also featured, is Vaughn Gittin Jr's 2015 RTR Spec 5 Concept. This issue also features a Scion FR-S custom widebody built by Weld Techniques Factory in Japan. Kenny Moen's Achilles Tire's S14 also has its place in the featured section. 

PASMAG wraps up their Feb/Mar 2015 issue with the "Formula Drift Awards & Recogntition" for the 2014 season. "The Tuner's Source For Modified Car Culture" is indeed a true representation of today's tuner culture. A great source for those who live this lifestyle. You will find many other helpful info such as "Sound Advice" with Garry Springgay, and the latest audio products review on the "Test Report" pages. Whether you're picking up PASMAG to read about "The Monster Mustangs" or to simply look at the "Hot New Products" trending. We appreciate the fans for helping keep magazines alive. Special thanks from SHG to PASMAG and Staff for another great issue.


Photos and words by Bryan Ramos