"Don't judge a magazine by it's cover," said no one ever. Contrary to the old saying about book covers, we totally judge a car magazine by it's cover as it sets the tone for the content that awaits us inside. 

In bold black letters, "At Record Pace." Followed  by a blue, big winged, tire smoking monster. Set in a blurred background. My judgment of the New DSPORT Magazine's March 2015 issue was of nothing less than raw power, action, and speed.  If you crave that need for speed like Mark Jager, owner of the blue boxer featured on this month's DSPORTS front cover, the "Swift STI" flexing its big inter-cooler will definitely grab you by the eye balls.

"Terrorizing The Touge" is where all the action begins. The short description of "Japan's Answer to Gymkhana 1-7" will have you all over the web searching for MotorHead Mag's "Hill Climb". [No worries though, we've done the search for our fans and posted the video on the blog section. Thanks to DSPORT ]. After fulfilling my temptation to watch the "Mountain Attack" , I drew my attention back to the "Import Performance + Tech Magazine". For those gear heads whose goal is to build a top-performing engine, you don't want to miss "Bottom's Up - 201". An article dedicated to the science of Pistons, Rods, Crank & Sleeves . You will learn the science and function  behind each of the components that help realize the top-level performance of your engine build. Followed by this informative section is "Speed Shop." A guide featuring the top performance brands for the bottom end components of your engine build.

Grip tight to your seat as DSPORT takes us for a thrill ride down the racetrack in Mark Jager's 2006 STI for the ultimate "Race Against Time". From track to the drag strip, the mag launches its readers straight down the quarter mile in Buschur Racing's 8 second, record breaking GT-R. Also featured is Puerto Rican native Santos Renovales' AE71 Drag Monster and DSPORT's very own KA24DE project. As expected, DSPORT's March 2015 Issue features top level performance builds.

In the final lap, the "Import Performance Magazine" covers the 2014 World Time Attack Challenge and NISMO FEST 2014. Most Motorsports enthusiasts crave that power and speed that only high performance cars can achieve. DSPORT Magazine provides its readers with info on "New Products" and top level machines that can help or inspire you to build your own beast. Grab the New March 2015 issue and let DSPORT Magazine take you on an adrenaline filled journey.

Shout-out out to DSPORT and staff for a great issue and to SHG fans, Thank You for reading this week's #magblogmondays and supporting us on our mission to help keep car magazines alive. 

Photos and words by Bryan Ramos