Porsche GT3 Inspired Integra Type R

"I'm not different for the sake of being different, only for the desperate sake of being myself..."  

-Vivian Stanshall

It's day two of SEMA and I'm like an unattended kid in a candy store, seriously! The show was packed with amazing builds and tons of booths drawing you every which way but I am on the hunt for pure badass and I'm about to find just that! I've been warned by a couple friends before the show to avoid the urge to wander Sema aimlessly, potentially missing out on other things and everything was going as planned but after having quite a few "Ahhh what's that over there" moments strolling the Performance building of the venue, something brilliantly orange catches my eye from a distance and the whole notion went out the window. As I work my way through the already blown away crowd gathered, I was graced with a glance at Ryan Basseri's fully built DC2 Integra.

If you aren't familiar with the company Rywire, who for a couple years now, have been revolutionizing and pioneering the electronic sector of the motorsports world, then consider yourself behind on times. Chances are if you've wire tucked your engine bay or even just thought of doing it you've come across the name in some way or another and you can see why. Right?!

Popular for their amazing wiring harness products and more than a handful of other services geared towards serious car building, it was clear to me in a few short minutes why Rywire has been so successful with consumers. 

Most of us start of modding cars that are pretty affordable but, when the opportunity is taken to graduate into that exotic car world they often don't come down from that high and your standard 4cylinder just will not do it for you anymore. With business going so well, Ryan was able to acquire his dream car, you guessed it, the Porsche 997 GT3 RS.  Rather than neglect the H platform altogether Ryan cunningly found a way to bring his new found influences to his project car. 

Taking some key aspects of what he loved about the Gt3 RS and applying them to the Type R. Although this build is inspired by a Porsche you H heads will be happy to know it still features upgrades that will make you proud. Powered by a force induced, K20 head and fully built K24 block ensuring blasphemy was left out of the equation. 

The car also features a full sequential gearbox paired with a paddle shift system which in short means that this is going to be one bad ass mother once put to use on the track. Having seen nothing like this in the H community thus far, this car is quite easily unique and could be rated as one of the best at SEMA this year.

The overall craftsmanship of the entire car just goes to show how and why Rywire is a household name in the aftermarket industry and they are not playing any type of games. Even the plumbing is well executed and inspired by Indy car technology utilizing quick releases anywhere possible. 

According to Ryan, after the car has had it's fair share of car shows and showcasing it to the world, the car will be hitting apexes and pit stops somewhere in Cali. ...or who knows maybe a track near you! 

Don't take our word for it. Hear it from the man himself..

Photos and words by Shane Hunter