Porsche GT3 Inspired Integra Type R

"I'm not different for the sake of being different, only for the desperate sake of being myself..."  

-Vivian Stanshall

It's day two of SEMA and I'm like an unattended kid in a candy store, seriously! The show was packed with amazing builds and tons of booths drawing you every which way but I am on the hunt for pure badass and I'm about to find just that! I've been warned by a couple friends before the show to avoid the urge to wander Sema aimlessly, potentially missing out on other things and everything was going as planned but after having quite a few "Ahhh what's that over there" moments strolling the Performance building of the venue, something brilliantly orange catches my eye from a distance and the whole notion went out the window. As I work my way through the already blown away crowd gathered, I was graced with a glance at Ryan Basseri's fully built DC2 Integra.

If you aren't familiar with the company Rywire, who for a couple years now, have been revolutionizing and pioneering the electronic sector of the motorsports world, then consider yourself behind on times. Chances are if you've wire tucked your engine bay or even just thought of doing it you've come across the name in some way or another and you can see why. Right?!

Popular for their amazing wiring harness products and more than a handful of other services geared towards serious car building, it was clear to me in a few short minutes why Rywire has been so successful with consumers. 

Most of us start of modding cars that are pretty affordable but, when the opportunity is taken to graduate into that exotic car world they often don't come down from that high and your standard 4cylinder just will not do it for you anymore. With business going so well, Ryan was able to acquire his dream car, you guessed it, the Porsche 997 GT3 RS.  Rather than neglect the H platform altogether Ryan cunningly found a way to bring his new found influences to his project car. 

Taking some key aspects of what he loved about the Gt3 RS and applying them to the Type R. Although this build is inspired by a Porsche you H heads will be happy to know it still features upgrades that will make you proud. Powered by a force induced, K20 head and fully built K24 block ensuring blasphemy was left out of the equation. 

The car also features a full sequential gearbox paired with a paddle shift system which in short means that this is going to be one bad ass mother once put to use on the track. Having seen nothing like this in the H community thus far, this car is quite easily unique and could be rated as one of the best at SEMA this year.

The overall craftsmanship of the entire car just goes to show how and why Rywire is a household name in the aftermarket industry and they are not playing any type of games. Even the plumbing is well executed and inspired by Indy car technology utilizing quick releases anywhere possible. 

According to Ryan, after the car has had it's fair share of car shows and showcasing it to the world, the car will be hitting apexes and pit stops somewhere in Cali. ...or who knows maybe a track near you! 

Don't take our word for it. Hear it from the man himself..

Photos and words by Shane Hunter

Lamborghini Murcielago at Sema

This Liberty Walk fitted Murchielago is undoubtedly my favorite Super car showcased at SEMA this year. Although I couldn't get as close as I wanted, I was still able to see why Liberty Walk is so talked about and why that team is as popular as they are today. Looking at some of the kits, featured on some of the greatest cars ever made, I often find myself trying to remember what the original body styling looked like in the first place. Paired with an amazing design driven wheel company such as Rennen Forged, this build is nothing short of aesthetic sex to my eyes! Don't take my word for it keep scrolling.

Lamborghini Murcielao LP640

LB Performance Murchielago Ver. 2 kit

Rennen RL-54X CONCAVE wheels

Rennen RL-54X CONCAVE Wheels

Body work by Industry phenom Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk

Body work by Industry phenom Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk

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After reading PASMAG's feature on Wataru Kato and his Shakotan Skyline, I became intrigued with the tuner icon. Upon my pursuit of learning more about the mastermind behind the Liberty Walk masterpieces I found this video that narrates the unique story of the creative genius who's vision spread across the world like wild fire. Not only does his love for cars serve as inspiration to us car enthusiasts but also his message, which can be seen across many LB creations, "Imagine all the people living life in peace." Find out how Liberty Walk rose from the concretes of Japan into a dominating force in the tuning culture by watching the ROOTS OF LB PERFORMANCE !



Words by Bryan Ramos 




God of all tuners, the Nissan Skyline, has been the forefront of our culture for many years. Those of us who can only dream of owning this beast one day certainly fantasize about what can easily be interpreted as an automotive masterpiece. Exposed on the web or in magazines, we can only hope that one day our dreams turn into reality like it did for Rothsen Valdez, owner of the R35 who blessed the cover of PASMAG's new issue. Godzilla has graced many magazine covers and pages, but have you met the "Meanest Rocket Bunny GT-R" in North America?

An exclusive view of the beastly bunny should be the convincing factor for picking up the new issue of PASMAG. At least for me it was until I opened it up and started reading. Amazed by all of the other features including Liberty Walk's own, Wataru Kato, and his Shakotan Skyline. As well as the main event, the #BLKHAMR GT-R . One feature I couldn't wait to share with the SHG fam is "The Legend Of The Mid Night Club" article. 


I can't express enough how inspring Adam Zillin's article is. Titled " The Legend Of The Mid Night Club" included in this new issue of PASMAG . Holding myself back from spoiling too much about these amazing pages, I simply encourage every tuner to purchase this magazine and read this story. As described by Adam, it took him 10 long years to bring us a major piece of this culture's history. And for that I want to Thank, Mr. Zillin. 

PASMAG isn't only a performance based car mag, it's "The Tuner's Source For Modified Car Culture." Meaning, everything that embodies the tuner culture. There's no shortage of "Trending Topics" that will keep you up to date with the latest current/future events , "Hot New Products" on the market, and even sound advice with Garry Springgay. It's now $4.99! So gather up your change and speed to your local magazine stand for PASMAG's April/May issue. You won't be disappointed. 

Thank You PASMAG and staff for printing another great issue. Like always, we encourage the SHG fam to support printed media like we do, and help our car magazines stay alive. 

Photos and words by Bryan Ramos




"Rusty metal." A phrase that most car enthusiasts would dread hearing about a vehicle. It takes a special kind of group of passionate builders to raise a rust bucket from the dead. Even if it doesn't spin polished wheels or wear  coats of icy paint, a true enthusiast can appreciate every aspect of the modification culture. Whether you fancy them or not, a rusty Rat Rod will rarely go unnoticed, that is if you're fortunate enough to spot such a rare sighting. 

As motor heads on a mission to help keep car magazines alive, it's only right we cover all aspects of the culture we love. As a responsibility to educate myself more about the different styles within the mod universe, I decided to tap into the world of Rat Rods. What better way than to pick up a magazine dedicated to those rusty american gems.

The Feb/Mar 2015 issue of Rat Rod Magazine features some of the coolest pieces from the Americana automotive history. Far from the typical classic show condition, each featured build has its unique touch. Some of the rodders covered in this installment include Gary Davids' '27 T, Kevin Smith's 1930 Ford 5 window coupe, and Bobby Sparkman's '28 Model A pickup, "The F-Bomb." Event Recaps from the rat rod community include coverage of the 2014 Sema Show, Frankensteiners Ball 9, and the 3rd Annual Hot Rod Riot. You'll have to purchase your copy for more goodies like "Miss Rukkus."  

It's not always about expensive and flashy cars. A little rust can bring as much or even more attention than the modded vehicles we usually see under the spotlight. Rat Rod Mag makes sure to shine that spotlight bright on those dedicated to this unique style of modification. "Dedicated  to the working-class rodder" Rat Rod Magazine is where "The American Spirit Lives."

Thank you Rat Rod Magazine and staff for a great issue . Through SHG's #magblogmondays blog series we hope to lead our readers into purchasing their next magazine. Our mission as always, to help keep car magazines alive.

Photos and words by Bryan Ramos




"Don't judge a magazine by it's cover," said no one ever. Contrary to the old saying about book covers, we totally judge a car magazine by it's cover as it sets the tone for the content that awaits us inside. 

In bold black letters, "At Record Pace." Followed  by a blue, big winged, tire smoking monster. Set in a blurred background. My judgment of the New DSPORT Magazine's March 2015 issue was of nothing less than raw power, action, and speed.  If you crave that need for speed like Mark Jager, owner of the blue boxer featured on this month's DSPORTS front cover, the "Swift STI" flexing its big inter-cooler will definitely grab you by the eye balls.

"Terrorizing The Touge" is where all the action begins. The short description of "Japan's Answer to Gymkhana 1-7" will have you all over the web searching for MotorHead Mag's "Hill Climb". [No worries though, we've done the search for our fans and posted the video on the blog section. Thanks to DSPORT ]. After fulfilling my temptation to watch the "Mountain Attack" , I drew my attention back to the "Import Performance + Tech Magazine". For those gear heads whose goal is to build a top-performing engine, you don't want to miss "Bottom's Up - 201". An article dedicated to the science of Pistons, Rods, Crank & Sleeves . You will learn the science and function  behind each of the components that help realize the top-level performance of your engine build. Followed by this informative section is "Speed Shop." A guide featuring the top performance brands for the bottom end components of your engine build.

Grip tight to your seat as DSPORT takes us for a thrill ride down the racetrack in Mark Jager's 2006 STI for the ultimate "Race Against Time". From track to the drag strip, the mag launches its readers straight down the quarter mile in Buschur Racing's 8 second, record breaking GT-R. Also featured is Puerto Rican native Santos Renovales' AE71 Drag Monster and DSPORT's very own KA24DE project. As expected, DSPORT's March 2015 Issue features top level performance builds.

In the final lap, the "Import Performance Magazine" covers the 2014 World Time Attack Challenge and NISMO FEST 2014. Most Motorsports enthusiasts crave that power and speed that only high performance cars can achieve. DSPORT Magazine provides its readers with info on "New Products" and top level machines that can help or inspire you to build your own beast. Grab the New March 2015 issue and let DSPORT Magazine take you on an adrenaline filled journey.

Shout-out out to DSPORT and staff for a great issue and to SHG fans, Thank You for reading this week's #magblogmondays and supporting us on our mission to help keep car magazines alive. 

Photos and words by Bryan Ramos

Film Adventures: SLR vs DSLR Problems

So the time has finally come for me to say bye bye to my amateur days and step into the big leagues, which has led me to sell both of my DSLR cameras a couple weeks ago. So what now you may be asking yourself or so what others reading this might be thinking. Well the bold move was carefully decided sometime last year when I realized a level of progression in my work as of late and the need of more megapixels. So I mustered up some balls, put my rigs ups for sale and patiently waited for the bait. Once they were gone though I missed them like no other. I quickly found myself doing dumb shit like watching Tv and trolling Snapchat and this went on up until about a week ago when I realized that I had one more camera left.


I proceeded to dust of my 3rd stringer and got her back in the game. Armed with my 1979 Konica Auto Reflex TC with 40mm 1.4 Glass attached and some Fujifilm 400speed film, I took to the ironically sunny streets of Seattle in search of potential locations for future shoots. One of the big differences or inconveniences of switching from digital to film was not having that heads up display of your settings when looking into the view finder. My first few shots of the day was quickly judged, using my basic knowledge of exposure, and I fired away. This wasn't a problem until I rolled up on to the next location that i'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be at and just giddily started shooting without checking my settings! Now we all know Film is unforgiving so having my camera settings as follows, 1/250 f/4 ASA(ISO) 800 on a sunny ass day is a huge mistake and results in an extra overexposed image!!! (example below)

Once I realized this I slapped myself of course and corrected things! How the camera got on and ISO of 800, is still a mystery to me. When I want the photos to feature a bit of grain or noise, I usually bump the ISO up to 400 but not unless in a low light situation do you want to shoot at ISO 800. After correcting my mistakes I properly changed the settings using basic exposure knowledge and reshot the angles I messed up minutes before. The most rewarding thing about film is virtually not knowing what your going to get so because I know the basics about exposure, I was able to realize that the photos were messed up by rechecking my settings and correct a few things before I even got the film developed. I definitely gained a new habit playing around with the camera for the first day and it was cool to see that my knowledge of cameras from the digital side of photography helps me on the film side. I'm now looking to see if this make me a better photographer going back to digital and I'm sure it will. Film forces you to think about everything before pressing that shutter release. 

We'll see if I learned anything in the next installment of my Film Adventure. Until then get out there and fine tune your craft guys whether it be photography or knitting or whatever! Take some pride in it and learn the ins and outs. The results from learning new things can sometimes be more exciting than pleasure itself when you get it down pat. Good night guys! Signing out!





As I'm shuffling my eyes through the magazine shelves at my local Walmart, looking for my next car magazine to fantasize from. I couldn't help but notice "Monster Mustangs" in big bold white letters followed by two beasts sitting front and center of PASMAG's front cover. It was a challenge to look passed Ken Block's "Hoonicorn". Creeping in the background is the 2015 Mustang RTR Spec 5 Concept. I immediately picked up the magazine, paid my $4.99 plus tax, and proceeded to feed my curiosity of what lies within the new Feb/Mar 2015 issue.

Behind on what's currently trending in the modified car scene? PASMAG has no shortage of topics in their "#trending" pages of what's been hot recently. "Hot Topics" include the new Honda Civic Type-R with the single question, "will we get one"? The Rocket Bunny "Missile Rabbit NSX" makes an appearance. And for the Godzilla fans; a short read about the new 600 hp 2015 GT-R NISMO will sure catch your attention. 

"Bigger is Better" takes us through PASMAG's event coverage of the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Highlights of "the biggest event in years" include "Mustang's 50th Anniversary," "Grand Turismo Awards," and "Honda's Project Fit challenge" for SEMA. PASMAG also sheds light on the winner and runner up for "Tuner Battlegrounds | Battle For SEMA 2 : International Showdown". Anthony De Guzman representing Team Canada vs Moses Awad of Team USA. Toyota Supra vs Nissan 370Z. Find out who won when you purchase your copy of PASMAG'S new issue.

"Scion FR-S custom widebody built by Weld Techniques Factory in Japan"

"Scion FR-S custom widebody built by Weld Techniques Factory in Japan"

By now all "car heads" and "motorsports enthusiast" should be familiar with Ken Block's Gymkhana Series, as he is already on his 7th Gymkhana. Ken Block and his team built a mean '65 Mustang nicknamed the "Hoonicorn," to rip through the streets of LA. The exclusive look into the widebody, 845 hp 4WD, monster will sure leave your jaw on the floor. From engine mods down to wheel specs, PASMAG has all the info you need to know about the star of this month's cover. Sharing the cover, and also featured, is Vaughn Gittin Jr's 2015 RTR Spec 5 Concept. This issue also features a Scion FR-S custom widebody built by Weld Techniques Factory in Japan. Kenny Moen's Achilles Tire's S14 also has its place in the featured section. 

PASMAG wraps up their Feb/Mar 2015 issue with the "Formula Drift Awards & Recogntition" for the 2014 season. "The Tuner's Source For Modified Car Culture" is indeed a true representation of today's tuner culture. A great source for those who live this lifestyle. You will find many other helpful info such as "Sound Advice" with Garry Springgay, and the latest audio products review on the "Test Report" pages. Whether you're picking up PASMAG to read about "The Monster Mustangs" or to simply look at the "Hot New Products" trending. We appreciate the fans for helping keep magazines alive. Special thanks from SHG to PASMAG and Staff for another great issue.


Photos and words by Bryan Ramos




Throughout the years, car magazines have provided vast information as well as visual eye candy for all types of automotive enthusiasts across the world. Whether you're into American Muscle, Classics, or Tuners like us at SHG , there's wide varieties of magazines out there to satisfy your gear head needs. In this day in age, with lightning speed access to information or visual pleasure via the web, how many of us still go to our local stores and pick up a fresh copy of the latest issue? Staying true to our roots, we would love to share with our fans an exclusive inside look into the latest car magazines to hit the shelves. With that being said, SHG welcomes all the fans and automotive enthusiast to our new web blog series called #Magblogmondays (Mag Blog Mondays), exclusively here on The SHG. Where we will be briefly reviewing the latest issues, every Monday, of our favorite motorsports magazines.

This Monday (Feb 2nd), we start off with the very popular Super Street Magazine. In this month's March 2015 edition, Super Street dedicates most of its opening pages to their coverage of the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas. It includes articles like "Battle Of The Brands", "Best Of The Best", and "Bae Watch" with 3 pages dedicated to some of the hottest booth girls of SEMA '14. In "Battle of the Brands" they introduce SEMA’s Las Vegas 10th Annual Scion Tuner Challenge where Super Street , SpeedHunters , and GT Channel battle it out to see who can build the baddest Scion FRS project. SS mag also shows us their top 10 build picks of SEMA in "Best Of The Best." Including builds like the only Rocket Bunny NSX in North America, a 2015 Toyota Camry “Sleeper” with a 5.7L V-8 Tundra engine, and Team Rocket Bunny's new pro drift S15 Silvia with a Nascar engine, just to name a few.

Super Street makes sure to feature some of the best builds around. In this edition they include Gordon Tings' Rocket Bunny '15 Lexus RC F Sport, 2 GT-Rs built by Bulletproof Automotive, Darren Yoo's Porsche 911 GT3, Valtonen Motorsport's Time Attack '95 Mazda RX-7, and Julian Chiu's Track warrior NSX. Inside the mag, SS includes a few treats like a Free Copy of Toyo Tires Calendar and a Buyers guide For Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ owners with some of the best products on the market for your project."The Best Tuner Mag Ever" is a must read for all tuner fans and car enthusiasts alike. Be sure to pick up this March 2015 Super Street edition at your local store and help keep magazines alive. Thanks, SuperStreet and staff for helping keep our culture alive!


Photos and Words by Bryan Ramos