"Learn all the rules and guidelines, then break them all"            

                                            -Shane Hunter






"My portfolio serves two purposes, primarily to showcase my work to future clients and secondarily to document the Automotive Culture of the 21st century in the US."











Where were you born? Raised? Roots?

I was born in Orange, NJ, 1987,  where I spent half of my youth and the other half was spent in South Florida until getting stationed in Everett, Washington, for the US Navy. This is where I have been planting my "roots" since 2007.

At what age did you start realizing your love for art?

At the age of 8 I started drawing characters and all sort of things, cars included. I even got into graffiti at a very young age considering my urban environment growing up in Newark, NJ. Not going out and painting but I definitely appreciated that form of art and my love for it grew as I got older and by the time I was in High School started writing graffiti myself. It wasn't until a few years ago I realized how much art meant to me and how much it had influenced my life and lifestyle all together.  

                 When / Why , did you start photography? 

I started photography because I felt I had lost my ability to draw and I needed another art form to pour my creativity into. I was already a natural at composing photos I just needed to take the initiative to fully learn the craft and it has taken years to figure out what makes a great photo.

Why did you start automotive photography ?

That's a hard question to answer but about 3 years into the craft I realized I had a niche for it but I've always read and collected Car magazines. I always admired Honda tuning they had the best features and the photography has always been A1 and wanted to be like those guys. 

What is your ultimate goal in automotive photography ?

My ultimate goal in this game is to one day be the go to guy for SpeedHunters. They literally get payed to do what I do with all of my spare time, even my 30min lunch breaks! Hunt for sick cars and expose them to the world. The people and cars they come across are just so fascinating. I must be apart of that and one day I will.

Where do you currently reside ? 

I currently live in the outskirts of Seattle but who knows where my adventures will take me!
Years of experience in photography?

I have over 7 years of experience including my amateur days.

What Accomplishments have you achieved as a photographer/brand owner? 

Well coming back into the "real world" virtually not knowing anyone where I live, one of the biggest accomplishments is simply making a positive name for myself. I've also been fortunate enough to get noticed by Performance and Sound Magazine and help contribute to their goals. 

What does your brand represent ?

HNTR represents the evolving automotive culture and Automotive history. I want my photos to be seen by the car kids 20-30 years from now, even beyond,and be able to obtain inspiration and recognize our era as pioneers to the game. As I did the ones that came before me. HNTR represents you.